Mountain Engineering and Testing Inc. Onsite Water Treatment System Design (OWTS)

For specific information on OWTS, county codes and requirements, see your local county health department or building department websites.

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This is depended on our work load, but typically 2 weeks. We are typically busiest in the summer and fall where it can take up to 3-4 weeks.

There is a design fee, in addition to a minimum of TWO site visits. Site visits are billed on a time and mileage basis. The initial site visit is required to map and classify soils; and a final inspection of the OWTS installation prior to backfilling the system. However, we also charge additional time for insufficient site plan preparation, or additional site visits if required. Please contact one of our offices for a current proposal.

Alamosa County

Absmeier Construction      
Alamosa, CO

Alcon Construction
Alamosa, CO   

Chaffee County

Diesslin Structures, Inc.
Salida, CO

Morgan Excavation, Inc. 
Buena Vista, CO

Salida, CO

Pridemore Construction
Salida, CO

Lundy Excavation, Inc.
Buena Vista, CO

Y&K Excavation, Inc.
Salida, CO

Marv’s Construction
Buena Vista, CO

Costilla County

James Backhoe and Dump Truck Service
San Luis, CO

Conejos County

Robins Construction
Antonito, CO

Donald Duran Excavating
Antonito, CO

Fremont County

R&R Construction
Coaldale, CO

Lake County

Ray Corbin
Leadville, CO

Mineral County

Randy Wood Contracting, Inc.
Creede, CO

Rio Grande County

Chris Brown Excavating
Del Norte, CO

O’Rourke Excavating
South Fork, CO

Weaver’s Level Best Septic and Excavation
Monte Vista, CO

Saguache County

Cooley and Sons Excavating
Mosca, CO

Skoglund Excavating, Inc.
Moffat, CO

If you are an installer and want to be added to our list for your county, please contact us at info@metsalida.com

Visit your county Assessor’s or Clerk and Recorder’s office and they should have a plat map of the property. Most counties have a website where you can look up property information by address (Example: Chaffee County). Banks may also have a survey record of the property. If a survey has not been performed on the property we recommend having your property surveyed by a professional surveyor. We can perform basic site mapping however it is not a survey. Additional site plan preparation is billed in addition to the design fee.

Prior to a site evaluation we require a SCALED site plan containing property lines, north arrow; and proposed locations of the house, absorption field, and well. We also prefer staking of the house, sewer line exit, and well prior to a site evaluation for mapping purposes. As stated above, additional mapping due to insufficient information will increase both the cost and completion time of the OWTS design. Below is an example of an excellent site map including all the information we need:

You should check with your county land use or building department to see if they require installers to be licensed. When unlicensed contractors install our On-Site Wastewater Treatments system designs we charge an hourly rate for installation consultation.

No. Site inspections prior to and after installation are charged in addition to the design fee. Time and mileage are charged at rates listed on our proposal sheets.

We will send you the 11” x 17” wet stamp, an 11” x 17” copy, and the invoice in the mail. By request this can also be picked up at the Salida office. We will also email you a pdf copy of the wet stamp design for you distribute to installers for price quotes.