Richard Silkey – Project Manager

Mr. Silkey is the project manager for the Monte Vista office and laboratory.   He joined Mountain Engineering and Testing, Inc. in August 2013 and has over 9 years of experience in construction observation and materials testing. His responsibilities include: Overseeing and training personnel, scheduling, estimating, marketing, as well as performing field and laboratory testing of soil, aggregate, concrete, shotcrete, asphalt, and masonry in conformance with ASTM, AASHTO, and CDOT procedures. Mr. Silkey has expertise performing moisture/density testing on soils, reinforced concrete observation, concrete and shotcrete field testing, structural masonry observations, lab and field testing of fly ash and cement treated soils, drilled pier observation, helical pier observation, micro-pile observation and general construction materials observation. Mr. Silkey was the project manager for the recently competed Alamosa County Justice Center, Detention Center, and Del Norte K-12 School. 

Mr. Silkey also has environmental expertise in wetlands delineation, monitoring, design mitigation, and section 404 permitting projects in accordance with Army Corps of Engineers guidelines. He has worked on multiple wetlands projects within the Rocky Mountain Region and is familiar with the vegetation, soils, and hydrologic features associated with wetlands. Mr. Silkey also has worked on multiple mine reclamation and water resource projects with in the Arkansas River Valley. He has performed avalanche forecasting, meteorological remote sensing, surface and ground water quality monitoring and sampling, hydrologic discharge monitoring, and hydrologic snowpack analysis in conjuncture with multiple federal agencies including: CDOW, CDPHE, USGS, NRCS, and the USFS.

Rich Silkey – rsilkey@metsalida.com

Frank Block – P.E., Professional Engineer

Mr. Block is licensed in Colorado and New Mexico. He has over 15 years of experience in civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering. He has experience in the inspection and design of bridges, culverts, and retaining walls. He has also worked on contract and project procurement, and as a project management engineer. 

As project engineer, Frank performs geotechnical engineering studies, on-site wastewater system designs and materials testing and construction special inspection oversight. He has worked on residential, commercial, municipal, and federal projects. 

Frank Block – fblock@metsalida.com

Greg Snyder – Scientist

Mr. Snyder has over 15 years of experience in geotechnical and civil engineering applications, quality control/assurance and construction materials inspection and testing, and laboratory experience for geotechnical engineering capacities. Mr. Snyder has also worked in many other capacities, including field investigation/inspection, field data interpretation and analysis, computer aided drafting (CAD), engineering calculations/analysis, geotechnical and civil engineering design/observation/testing, laboratory management/coordination, along with various permitting and engineering report preparation. Mr. Snyder has extensive lab testing experience of various construction materials including asphalt, concrete, soils, masonry, and chemical property testing.

Mr. Snyder has field engineering experience including geotechnical investigation and observations; as well as construction observation, testing, and inspection. Mr. Snyder has performed QA/QC engineering and testing on a variety of federal, state, and municipal construction projects. Mr. Snyder has performed field inspections, including asphalt design assessments, drilled shaft inspections, reinforced concrete inspections, helical pier inspections, slurry wall inspections and observations, various trench observations and inspections, foundation stabilization observations and inspections, groundwater observation well installations, geotechnical drilling and exploration.

Greg Snyder – gsnyder@metsalida.com

Professional and scope specific resumes available upon request.